Eachine FPV200 review, the cheap FPV kit

Eachine FPV200 review, the cheap FPV kit

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When you practice FPV , it is rather important to make the right choice for your material.

You will find all sorts of pricing and all sort of material’s qualities. Should you then blow up your budget to fly in good conditions ?

The Eachine FPV 200 kit could change the deal with an FPV kit for less than US $30 (competitors could get worries about it)…..


The Eachine FPV 200 kit is supplied in a small box containing all the components to be built on your drone to start the FPV. This kit exists in two versions depending on your preferences in terms of shooting angle.

Today we will test the 110° version (wide angle) but there is a 148° version if you wish to have an enormous angle anyhow with the risk of having a more distorted image.

In the box you’ll find :

  • The FPV Eachine V700 for 110° camera
  • The ET200 5.8ghz 32 channels PAL/Secam video transmitter
  • An RTU cable to connect the kit to a 3S battery
  • A 5.8Ghz stick antenna
  • A complete manual (in english)

Eachine proposes with its FPV kit a ready for use system with lots of qualities.

The Eachine V700 camera

The camera is using a CMOS’ type sensor with a 110° wide angle. You have a 700TVL resolution which enables this camera to be part of the best FPV cameras regarding to the resolution.


This configuration is  perfect for FPV. Then it is a question of taste. Some of us will prefer to have a more wider angle even if the image is very distorted.

Some others, like me prefer to keep an image more closer to the reality.

In any case, if you wish it, it will always be possible to change the camera lens as this one can be easily dismounted and it has a standard format for this type of camera.

The camera is very small, it weights less than 12 grams. The trademark logo on the front-face enables you to see immediatly in which direction the camera is positioned.

On the back, a switch allows you to select PAL or SECAM.

The 5.8Ghz Eachine ET200 video transmitter

There you have also a good surprise. The video transmitter is very small and it weights only 7g (without antenna).

It’s a 5.8Ghz video transmitter with a 200mw power(Be careful of the official lmitation in your country).


In addition to be compact, this transmitter has the particularity to operate with every FPV material available on the market.

Being able to transmitt on  32 channels, the Fatshark, ImmersionRC or Boscam receivers  will operate without any problem.

It’s a very good point for Eachine which offers therefore a great deal of opportunities for the user.

You can select the channels by pressing a swith on the side of the transmitter and leds allow you to read easily the name of the channel on which you transmitt. The system is very easy to use, much more than the majority of the transmitters we have tested until now.

The connector of the antenna is a RP-SMA type, I will not spend time on the stick antenna supplied, it will be quickly replaced by an FPV cloverleaf type antenna.


The wiring of the FPV kit is made by means of the RTU cable supplied. It allows to connect the camera and the video transmitter to the power supply.

An additionnal positive point for Eachine, the connector is forecasted to being connected to the balancing plug of 3S battery.


What for ? it is very simple. The FPV cameras are sensitive to the interferences present in the electrical supply.

When you feed your FPV system on the main battery of your drone, the accelarations will create interferences which will jam the image.

To solve this problem, several solutions:

  • Power the FPV system with an other battery
  • Add a LowCut filter on the power supply of the FPV system to filter the interferences

The solution selected by Eachine is more elegant as it’s consist in using the balancing plug of your battery to power the FPV system.

This plug being independant of the rest of the battery,it is not subject to interferences and the FPV system operates perfectly  !

 Vidéo quality

The Eachine FPV 200 kit is very convincing.The vidéo is clear, the image is bright and précise.

The caméra adapts itself very quickly to brightness changes and offers a great quality and comfort for FPV flight.


You can read in the instructions manual that the EACHINE engineers have spend a lot of time to tune up the camera and to offer the best possible performances.

I must confess that considering this price level for a camera the V700 has a good card to play.

Video range

We haven’t got the opportunity to test this kit in real conditions but we have done some tests inside with low cost cloverleaf antennas (~ 5€).

The results are very promissing. The video transmitter being on my home basement, I could fly easily on the main floor without problems  (we had to go through a concrete floor and 2 or 3 bricks’ walls). The image had very few interferences and remained stable.

Finally we loose the image when we went to the first floor but I have not been able to do better with any other video transmitter.The behaviour of the EACHINE  FPV 200 kit is therefore very good.


With this FPV kit for less than US$30 Eachine is striking a decisivce blow. We could have expected a botched up or a poor quality kit, it is the opposite !

With regard to the weight, the video quality, the user-friendliness or the range, the proposed performances are simply excellent.

I believe that this Eachine FPV 200 kit will quickly find its place in my quadracer ^^.

You will find the  Eachine FPV 200 kit for less than US$30 at Banggood.


Kit Eachine FPV200 110° – US$24.99

Kit Eachine FPV200 148° – US$26.99


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