Cheerson CX-10A review, the nano quadcopter

Cheerson CX-10A review, the nano quadcopter

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Today I’m gonna review the nano quadcopter Cheerson CX-10 A.

As a regular user of bigger drones, I was really curious to discover how this tiny quadcopter would fly. The CX10-A has the particularity of having a headless mode which allows to keep fixed directions whatever the drone orientation is.

Flying a drone usually requires a little training. When the drone is looking in the same direction as you, the commands are logical (left is left and right is right). But when the drone is turning back, directions are reversed and the pilot needs to adapt his commands.

The headless mode allows to change this behavior, whatever the orientation of the drone is, you just have to pull back the stick and this will bring the drone back to you. Very usefull for beginners.

The package

The Cheerson CX-10 is supplied within a very small box.I knew that it was it, but I couldn’t believe it before to open the box, as it was looking so tiny.


When you open the box, you find then:

  • The cheerson CX-10A
  • The USB charger cable
  • The radio-command 2.4 Ghz
  • Spare propellers
  • The instruction manual (in English)

First statement, it is minuscule! I know I already told it but this is really impressing.You can easily put in your pocket the nano quadcopter,the radio and the USB charger cable.The machine is very well finished, you immediatly see that this product is a quality product.


I have taken the radio in mode 2.

You find on it a on /off switch, 2 joysticks and the classical trim buttons.

Each joystick is also “clickable”. If you click on the left stick , you then change the mode:

  • 1 BIP : juniormode (limited reactivity, perfect to get used with the machine)
  • 2 BIP : Expert mode( maximum reactivity, it is the mode I am choosing as I am usually piloting.
  • 3 BIP : Headless mode : (the direction of the headless mode is configured when youactivate it.You must then correctly orientate the dronewhen you activate this mode).

First flight

Just a quick review of the user manual and I am ready to take off.

There is a procedure to arm the machine:

  • Switch on the drone
  • Switch on the radio ( you hear a first BIP)
  • You full open up the throttle (you hear a second BIP)
  • You reduce the throttle (you hear the last BIP, the drone leds are flashing, you are ready to take off)

This machine is extremely stable. You do not have any oscillation during flight. It is quietly flying with the noise of a big mosquito and this draws the attention of my cat. My cat will even blow down with his paw   the CX-10 back to the ground. Fortunaetly the machine is strong and will take off again without any problem.

It is very agreable to pilot. If you activate the expert mode, the drone is rather nervous and you can control it  with the finger tips.

I would have enjoyed to control this nano quadcopter with my bigger radio 2.4 Ghz( which has more precise joysticks) but you get quickly used to this little radio and after 2 or 3 flights you feel comfortable.

The 100mah battery offers a flight time of a little bit more than 5 minutes.This is a little bit short but this is not really a problem.


Recharging the battery

I firstly thought that that the non removable battery and the fliht time of 5 minutes would be a problem.       I enjoy to make some flights after the other and I usually take several batteries for each of my drones. I have connected with the USB the CX-10 to my PC and after less than 15 minutes it was full loaded !!!!!

One flight, one coffee , I look at my e-mails and hop I can do an other flight !                                                   I have spent my week-end doing flights after the others within other activities. In addition as it is minuscule I have shown the CX-10 to some friends to let them discover how to pilot.


I have crashed the CX-10 several times. Whatever it was a piloting error or my cat blowing it down, this drone has resisted to the various chocks without problem. I have also been very surprised by the propellers.    Unlike the Hubsan X4 which was loosing a propeller after each crash, the Cheerson CX-10 has never lost one. I have broken my first propeller after more than 20 crashes which is a good performance.

However I have purchased a spare kit with propeller’s protections, 2 motors and spare proppellers in order to get the maximum life time out of it :

Cheerson CX-10 A protection + motors + propellers kit


You have surely understood that the Cheerson CX-10 has attracted me right away.Its tiny size,its manoeuvrability as well as its ultra fast recharging allow it to be the perfect machine for indoor flights, as soon as you have 5 minutes available.

I was not expecting much from this drone before to receive it and I have got a real slap.It is well designed,well balanced and I have difficulties to find any defect.

It is available in 4 different colors and with the radio in mode 1 or mode 2:

Nano quadcopter Cheerson CX-10 A



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